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BEWARE OF DOG is too 'old hat'. For example: BEWARE: RABIES QUARANTINE AREA; KRANKHEIT RABIES RESEARCH FOUNDATION; DANGER: EXTREMELY VICIOUS BARKLESS GERMAN ROTTWEILERS; ATTACK DOGS TRAINED AND SOLD HERE; OUR GREAT DANE WELCOMES YOU FOR A MEAL; WE CAN MAKE IT TO THE FENCE IN THREE SECONDS CAN YOU?After getting a dog, it's wise to have it tatooed with, say, your SS and to register the dog and number with the National Dog Registry, Box 116, Woodstock, NY 12498 914 679 BELL FAX 914 679 4538. There's a one time fee of $35 per owner so if you later adopt, say, 50 dogs, there's no further fee. If you do register with the NDR, you'll get a window decal that reads, WARNING: TATOOED PETS REGISTERED WITH NATIONAL DOG REGISTRY WOODSTOCK, N. Y. 800 NDR DOGS. I recently upgraded to better cameras with a wider angle of view, going from 4 to 8 cameras, a better DVR, and networking capabilities for remote view and motion capture notifications for $250.

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the folks on the phone for activation setup were very friendly and professional.


An ill bred, badly mistreated 'pit bull' might attack people the owner included.

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