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Additionally we have compiled the installation guides for several companies Most systems are simple enough to install that you should be able to set them up in about an hour with the provided installation guides. These manuals will walk you through placing your sensors, basic system controls, and the activation process. Additionally, if you should run into problems, many of these companies have support staff that will gladly walk you through the installation process. After the system is installed all that is left is activation. To start this process simply call your providers customer support line. A representative will then run a diagnostic test on the system to ensure everything is installed and working properly, assuming no issues are found they will then remotely activate your system and review any questions you may have. 10 Guardhouses protecting homes 1.

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Double hung windows can be secured with butterfly, hook, or claw latch locks.


The security system is completely wireless, so it does not rely on a hard line that can be cut or knocked out in a storm.

<7 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar. More…

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